First Wave

“For one whole year I have been living in a tent on a hundred different squares. I have marched with the Indignados all through the old continent to Brussels and Athens. I have reported almost daily on the ups and downs of the Occupy movement in Europe, and on the broader outline of history.”

When I came back, I spent the summer editing and polishing my account of the revolutionary year 2011. This is the result. It’s available in different formats. The digital version is tailored for ereader. Just click on the image to download. The text is Creative Commons BY-NC-SA. If you prefer old-fashioned paper, you can order the cheap paperback editions or the deluxe hardcover from Lulu. There also exists a super fancy digital illustrated edition, which looks especially cool on iPads, tablets and similar gadgets. But for the moment, that version is ‘invitation only’.

  Digital Full Text Version
First Wave

Digital Full Text Version


click to download



First Wave - Summer - 1024

First Wave – Summer


6×9″, 252 pp.

click to order




First Wave - Winter - 1024

First Wave – Winter


6×9″, 222 pp.

click to order




First Wave - Hardcover - 1024

First Wave – A Year of Revolution


8.25×10.75″, 544 pp.

click to order




First Wave - FIE - 1024

First Wave

Digital Fancy Illustrated edition

ePub format

Don’t click. Invitation only.


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