Istanbul, June 21.

Dear people,

Changing times call for a changing style. Last night, long overdue, I gave my blog a makeover. The name and the url have been updated. This is not about the Spanish Revolution any more, and 2011 is long gone. This about the PostVirtual. A return to reality, maybe. Or something else which we cannot even imagine.

The new interface will give you a much better access to the heap of content I have created in the past two years. On the right side you will find archives of time and space, dating back to the glorious days of Acampada Sol. On top, you will find pages with featured content and links, which I will be regularly updating.

For those of you reluctant to change, don’t worry. The original site will stay online. I will keep reblogging my posts there. But as from today the new flagship is PostVirtual. Tell your friends. Comments are welcome.

The articles you will find in the archives are the original ones. Mind that the whole narrative of the first year has been edited and collected in ebook form with possibility of print-on-demand. The book is the version of reference. It may be shared under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license. With your support, new and better versions will be forthcoming.

So this is it, enjoy. I will do my best to continue bringing you the exciting story of a changing world.

Yours faithfully,