Night of the Long Knives

Greece. On Fire. Via @the_arkotect

Greece. On Fire. Via @the_arkotect

Madrid, September 18

Dear people,

There’s a loud buzz behind the big panel with the world map. It’s the buzz of information. The newswire, the twitterfall, the blogosphere, the socially engaged media, the press agencies, the big networks, etc.

At some points along this information flow there are people monitoring and analysing the situation. These are nodes. Interconnecting nodes you have a network. Through a network you can have quick access to information anywhere. Sometimes, you have a real person on the ground.

M-team of Barcelona International was present at last week’s protest in Poland. The demo made it to newspapers far beyond the Polish borders, but for M it was more of a subsidized exhibition by the unions rather than a real grassroots protest for social justice.

In other parts of Eastern Europe, protest continue. In Romania for a few weeks now, in Bulgaria for more than three months.

There are a couple new entries that have lighted up on the map lately. Cambodia, Ireland and Greece.

In Cambodia, the situation came to head when police dispersed an opposition demonstration by force. The opposition has been peacefully protesting alledged fraud during the general elections in late May.

Ireland was on the street today to protest against austerity, and for a better future.

Greece. Sep 18. Via @dvdbou

Greece. Sep 18. Via @dvdbou

A few days ago, in Mexico, the Zócalo square where protesting teachers had been camping out for weeks was cleared by police in view of Mexico’s national holiday. Today, the teachers marched again, thousands strong, against the government reform of education. They have set up a new camp at the monument for the revolution, and they have been joined by students from one of the city’s universities.

The big news comes from Greece. Yesterday evening, together with friends, local rapper and left wing activist Killah P was watching a game of football in a bar. They were spotted and recognized by local Golden Dawn militants. A call was placed, and soon after Killah P and his homies left the bar, they were surrounded by a fascist gang. A car arrives, a man steps out and stabs Killah P through the heart. Eyewitness accounts say police stood by and watched. The killer got arrested. And today, as expected, the country was on fire.

In Athens, Patras, Thessaloniki, on Crete and in many other Greek towns Golden Dawn offices got attacked and burned down. Demonstrators clashed with police wherever possible. Tear gas was shot abundantly. Barricades were erected. The last time an activist got killed in Greece (by the police in 2008), the riots lasted for a weeks, and in some neighbourhoods of Athens not a stone was left in the pavement. Dozens of police offices were burned. One of them even three times in a row. Solidarity actions took place all over Europe. Today as well, there was a solidarity demo against fascism in Barcelona.

Then there’s Turkey of course. I’ll get to that soon.

Finally, there was an unidentified rumour about the Swiss people taking to the streets for social justice, which was quickly denied. For the moment, everything is quiet in Switzerland.


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