In Name of the Law

Indomitable penguin. Via resistology,

Indomitable penguin. Via resistology,

[Spanish translation here]

Istanbul, July 5

Dear people,

“This can only happen in Turkey,” my brother Naber said, but I’m pretty sure these things can happen in Italy as well.

A month ago, on June 6, when the people had just occupied Gezi Park after days of clashes with police, a Turkish court ruled that the entire reconstruction of the Taksim area, including the park, was unlawful. After that, they kept their decision a secret, until last Wednesday. The project violates current city protection legislation and must be cancelled. Personally, I wonder why the court didn’t rule, or wasn’t asked to rule, before they brought in the bulldozers, but hey, this is Turkey.

So all those people who defended Gezi Park against demolition, who got gassed, shot at, even killed, were actually defending the rule of law against authorities themselves. Now it’s the police who are illegally occupying Gezi Park twenty-four hours a day.

Taksim Solidarity has announced that they will go to Taksim tomorrow evening, Saturday, to deliver the decision of the court and to reclaim Gezi Park for the people. It’s hard to predict what will happen. We will wait and see.

Lady in red. Lego version. id.

Lady in red. Lego version. id.


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