Istanbul Rising

Photos via and Twitter

[Spanish translation here]

May 31.

Dear people,

This morning in Istanbul, police have again brutally dispersed peaceful protesters who came to claim their park.

There have been skirmishes throughout the day, with tear gas and water cannons being used against protesters. An unspecified number of people have been wounded. One girl was reportedly killed by a tear gas cannister. She was later unconfirmed to be in a coma.

In the early evening, the people erected barricades and torched some of them. Police have fired, and keep firing on the crowd. Live rounds of ammunition have been heard.

This was the third day of the occupation of Gezi Park aimed at saving it from voracious real estate speculation. Even some Turkish parliamentarians joined in, and sat down in front of the bulldozers.

Solidarity actions are being organized in dozens of city in Turkey. In Amsterdam and Cologne as well, people have taken the streets. Also today, Blockupy Frankfurt challenged immense police presence and succeeded in blocking the European Central Bank, first, and the airport, later, as a protest against forced expatriations. Right now, Blockupy is protesting in solidarity with Istanbul.

Tomorrow, New York will follow suit at #OccupyHomecoming. Tonight, the whole world is watching Turkey. From the GlobalRev newsdesk in Madrid, our solidarity goes to comrade Memed on the scene, who is broadcasting the images.

Istanbul is not alone. The call is to besiege Turkish embassies and consulates, everywhere.

Check the livestream here.








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