Occupation Update

Barcelona this morning. PHoto via Flickr

Barcelona this morning. PHoto via Flickr

February 5, 1730 hrs.

Dear people,

The occupations continue. Forty people spent the night at Plaça Sant Jaume in Barcelona. The acampada has been going on since the protests against government corruption exploded on January 31. This morning, police surrounded the camp and arrested a man who was supposedly on his way to work.

The Sant Jaume square in Barcelona has a very strong political signifance. It is bounded by city hall and by the palace of the ‘Generalitat’, the regional Catalan government. Throughout the day people have gathered on the square in support of the occupation.

As explained by Thais Bonilla in her article ‘Vuelta a las plazas’, the 15M’s strategy is not simply to protest, but to publically shame all of those who have accepted bribes. They have disgraced the trust of the citizens, and they must be outcast. “The idea would be to organise demonstrations wherever those responsible for this scam can be found, and make it a continuous persecution.”

In Madrid the original five of Sol have multiplied considerably as forty people camped out on the square for the second night in a row. The renascent Acampada in Sol can be followed through their Twitter account @inviernosalsol, ‘sunny winters’.

At the time of writing, reports of occupations in Valencia and Zaragoza could not be confirmed. The General Assembly of Sol is now in session, live at SpanishRevolution.TV. The appointments for tonight, for every night, are 7PM at the PP Party Headquarters in Madrid, and at 8PM, pan bashing at Plaça Catalunya in Barcelona.


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