“Acoustic Pollution”

‘Homage to Vivaldi’ by Liliane Mainardes

October 29

Dear people,

In the western world we have a long tradition of considering government an instrument to serve the general interest and to protect individual freedoms. In many other parts of the world, and throughout history, government has existed as a tool for oppression and self perpetuation.

Generally, oppression is exercised through force. Such states are either police states, or pure and simple military dictatorships.

The Spanish state is turning into a more sophisticated dictatorship. It’s not military, it’s monetary.

Over here, you can be fined. Pretty much arbitrarily. There are enough laws to justify it. You can be fined for participating in an unannounced demonstration, or for just walking by. You can be fined or jailed if you call for an action that leads to destruction of property through no fault of your own.

The latest attack of the government on their citizens’ freedom is a ban on making music in the streets of Madrid. This affects many people. If you walk through the centre, you are treated to all kinds of music from classic to folk to rock. Many musicians are really good, all of them simply try to make a living. It’s natural when you have 25% unemployment.

Apparently, in Spain government doesn’t exist to protect the citizens, but to fuck with them, for profit.

They don’t care if you lose your house, if you lose your job. They care about the 750 euro they can extort if you give a brilliant execution of Pachelbel’s Canon in D. Worse, they can also confiscate your instrument.

A government that intimidates its own citizens does not have any legitimacy. It must be fought. It must be destroyed.

Thankfully, this government also offers its citizens the tools to fight back. The official reason for the law is to protect citizens from ‘acoustic pollution’. Personally I don’t consider Pachelbel, Vivaldi, the Beach Boys, Queen, the Beatles and all the other tunes you can hear in the streets to be acoustic pollution, but that’s beside the issue. The real issue is that authorities themselves are the greatest acoustic polluters of all.

As a matter of fact, there exists a law in Madrid that limits the amount of decibels that can be legally emitted by sirens of police cars, ambulances and fire trucks. This is 95 dB (see article 36.1, page 10). At night it is required to be less. But most of the time sirens are put to full blast, which is well over 95 dB.

So there you are. All you need to do is take a camera, take a sound measuring device, and go hunt for police cars. If they go full blast, film them, take their license plate, and denounce them. But don’t denounce them one-fold. Denounce them ten-fold, a hundred-fold. Go hunt for them in groups. Every person that is affected by the acoustic pollution should file an individual denouncement. Flood the justice system. Make them pay.


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