March to Congress, 27-O

Solfonica performing at Neptuno, photo via @acampadasol

October 27, 2300 hrs

Dear people,

Today was the last of three days of actions planned by the 25S for the end of October. Forty thousand people marched from Plaza España to congress, according to positive estimates. I can’t confirm the number, but I can say that it was pretty big.

The choice for Plaza España was symbolic. Around the square you will find some of the highest skyscrapers of Madrid, and they are completely empty. With five hundred evictions per day in Spain, you could fill them up in a couple of days.

We take the Gran Vía. We have the drummers with us, and they make the difference. Protest is so much more powerful if there is a good beat to it.

Neptuno is filled with people already when the march arrives. And there’s more music. The Solfonica orchestra gave one of their spectacular performances in the middle of the crowd.

Another performance picked up the news from these days in a very confrontational way. Six people walked up to the barricades, white as corpses, with a rope around their neck. ‘Evictions’ was one of the signs they carried. ‘Unemployment’, was another. It has reached 25% (52% among youngsters), and it made all the headlines.

At nine o’ clock people sat down with their backs to congress, waving their hands, observing a minute of silence. It brought back sweet memories of Acampada Sol last year. Afterwards, a simple slogan thundered over the square. ‘Resignation! Resignation!’

An assembly was organised to speak about how to continue the protest, but it wasn’t well-structured, and moreover, it was cold. Very cold and windy. So people soon left.

Winter is here. And the evictions continue implacably, every day. So the struggle will have to continue as well. The next appointment in Madrid is for November 1-4. ‘Agora 99′, a meeting of European activists on debt, rights and democracy. Everyone is invited.


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