A Letter from Greece

Dear people,

I got a letter today from two very dear friends whom we met in Patras on the March to Athens. I was shocked. This is Europe, AD 2012…

“Here in Greece things are getting worse every day, but except for some strikes one day per week, no one seems to care. Everyday fascists attack the immigrants. Now they want to know how many immigrant children are in kindergartens. Anarchists don’t do much about it. The only time they do something is when the mayor decides that the buildings they occupy must return to the city. The people that wanted to “clear” the occupied buildings were the fascists of the political party Chrisi Augi [Golden Dawn]. So only then anarchists react and burn a fascist hideout. Police arrested them…

Yesterday we were passing in front of the political office of the fascists and they were there with shields and bats like they are in a war! I was so afraid. Now they expand and attack artists and journalists as well.

In my life now I am officially unemployed. Greece is dying and we can’t do something about it.

Please send me your news and something to hope for.”

Μ & Σ


2 Comments on “A Letter from Greece”

  1. Michele says:

    Terrible to read this letter. What can we together do to make a cnage!?

  2. Antoni says:

    Hope my friend.. Support from Spain. Slowly Spanish people are losing the hope also. But violence is not an option yet. Hope People will rest like that and soon the pressure of the people agains the political sistem that doesnt represent us will collapse.
    Loots of small victories are going on in Spain but the media doesnt reflect it.. only news are about crysis.. so keep tuned in internet and share help the small everyday battles.
    Victories in SPAIn so far:
    PHA (plataforma afectados por la hipoyteca) Organization of people that avoid home evictions.
    Iaioflautas: Old grand parents (70-80year old) making strikes and occupations every week
    Grupo Legal: (layers working for 15M in the legal accions to avoid unfear detentions)
    15M: (pacific and hardworked group of people working for a new democracy)
    DRY: (democracia real ya Pacific organization making pressure)
    15M PaRato: (legal team specified to look after politicians and bankers who didnt pay their robbery)
    Marcha obrera (Andalucia.. group of workers who join the cause occupying lands and houses to create work)

    …. (much more pacific movements are putting slowly the corrupted govermen away from spanish reality… not seen on your tv)
    Share your goal, Keep the hope and pacific fight. U are not alone much people are thinking like you next door.

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