Images of #29S

September 30, 1400 hrs.

Dear people,

Photos and another rough cut of what happened yesterday night. The video includes: arrival of police vans, people blocking them, people offering flowers, police charge, congress front, side street front.

“I’m your colleague, damned!”

I’ll also give you a brief update on press reaction to yesterday’s events. These can be divided into two. There are the newspapers who insist on reducing the protest to a mere confrontation with police, like El Mundo and Businessweek, even though very few noteworthy things happened in this respect yesterday. No riots. Two arrests. Twelve wounded. One man beaten up by police officers.

Lacking really violent scenes, other media like El País found themselves obliged to talk about the protest itself. They made interviews with the people in the streets about the austerity measures. Some of them said they showed up out of anger with prime minister Rajoy who had praised ‘the silent majority’ for not taking to the streets last Tuesday.

The BBC opened the ten o’clock news with the question: ‘How many people can the Spanish government ignore?’

The Guardian surprisingly keeps talking about what happened in the aftermath of Tuesday, when isolated units of riot police entered the Atocha railway station shooting rubber bullets and scaring the hell out of unsuspecting travellers.

In Lisbon, over a hundred thousand people attended the protest. There has been a huge demonstration in Warsaw yesterday as well.

Latest news, they say the man who protected the people in a coffeeshop on Paseo del Prado against riot police on 25S will be fined for ‘disrepecting authorities’…


One Comment on “Images of #29S”

  1. Laurel says:

    If they fine the man at the cafe, I am happy to donate to help pay it. Greetings from Pennsylvania! The demonstration has been very inspring for me. Yo soy indignada tambien! Muchas gracias por su blog! Viva! (I think the young people who first took over Puerta del Sol two years ago should be very very proud of themselves. I know I am proud of them..and grateful.)

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