The Eye of the Beholder

September 27, 1530 hrs

Dear people,

Last night, police cleared the Neptuno roundabout by force. It wasn’t as spectacular as the night before, but this time there was no provocation of any kind. People were just beaten off the tarmac, and they dispersed. At Cibeles there were reports of rocks being thrown at police, of shots being fired, of a container being burned.

The Spanish media are keen on portraying this as a marginal protest by a handful of unemployed indignados and angry violent lefties. They don’t dare to acknowledge how widely the malcontent has spread through all layers of the population. The Spanish government has too many problems to attend to as it is, between Catalan separatists whom they understandably accuse of opportunism, and the impending bankruptcy of the state, which could result in a hostile takeover.

 The media also don’t mention a word about the resonance of the protest in Spain and abroad. Yesterday there were gatherings in different parts of the country, and demonstrations at the Spanish embassies in Amsterdam and Budapest, that I know of.

 Spain’s most important newspapers are El País and El Mundo. The former is slightly left leaning, the latter right leaning. Surprisingly, today El Mundo brought the story about police infiltration, under the title ‘I’m your colleague, damned!’

They keep lying about the numbers, but given the fact that the protests have made it to media outlets all over the world, they can’t ignore the story.

Equally interesting is the fact that the Spanish 24 hour public news channel got a call from the prime minister’s office when they brought live pictures from #25S. They were ordered to stop their coverage. Instead, while the Paseo del Prado was turning into a war zone, they emitted a thirty minute cultural interest program.

For tonight there is no call to assemble at parliament, but many people are likely to go anyway. The next big demonstration is planned for Saturday, #29S. Already, Rome is among the cities who adhered to the call. People there are planning to form a human chain around the Italian parliament. And as you might know, also the Greeks seem to be awakening from their slumber.

The second wave is rising, people. The first wave is already history. This summer I have been editing my full account of the events of last year, from the start in Puerta del Sol, all through Europe with the popular marches to Brussels and Athens. If you want to know anything about the Spanish Revolution, be sure to check it out. It’s most comprehensive and the most thrilling narrative you will find on this subject.

I leave you with two pieces of footage from last Tuesday. The first is from Reuters. The second is from streamers on the ground, with Spanish subtitles.


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