A History of Acampada Sol

Acampada Sol in the third week

Dear people,

I have been emptying my summer jacket’s right inside pocket, the one that I marked as ‘archive’. A whole lot of material from the Acampada Sol came out of it, including the original maps.

I also went through some of my oldest dispatches. I have been covering the 15M movement since the beginning, but until after the end of the acampada I was exclusively reporting in Dutch.

So I translated my initial reports. It’s a first hand history of what happened in Sol. If you want the guided tour of the place, be sure to check out the June 11 entry: Acampada Soul.

Soon I’ll be back on revolutionary road. And if I find anything interesting, you will be sure to hear from me.



May 21 – “The Key is in Sol”

About a goat sheperd who suddenly finds himself in the midst of a revolution.

May 25 – Portrait of an Acampada

General sketch after ten days of occupation.

May 27 – Comisión Comunicación

Your truly walks into the Communications office. He never left since.

May 27 – Catalonia is not Alone

Police clears the square in Barcelona by force to make room for football celebrations.

May 28 – A Visit from the East

A girl from China comes by at Communications. We discover we have more in common than we think, if only we found the right words for it.

May 29 – La Bastille

The movement expands into the neighbourhoods and villages. The first General Popular Assembly of Madrid convenes in Puerta del Sol.

May 30 – “¡Sol Resiste!

Our comrades in Paris have been evicted from the Bastille. We march in solidarity to the French embassy. There’s a tempest in the air.

May 31 – Extending the Field of Battle

At Extension the echoes of our movement are coming in from all over the world.

June 1 – The Times of Puerta del Sol

Trying to capture a day of acampada, and to make a newspaper out it.

June 1 – Ye Olde Clocke

A homage to Puerta del Sol.

June 2 – 21st Century Revolution

On audiovisuals and contemporary urban guerilla. Sol is under threat of eviction.

June 2 – The Summer of 2011

On the daily business of revolution. On Walt Disney.

June 3 – Web 3.0

On social media and liberty of action.

June 4 – Democracy from the Bottom Up

The interacampadas or National Assembly convenes in Sol.

June 5 – Murcia Mon Amour

On the press. On alternative roads to democracy, the Murcia case.

June 6 – Buy Tear Gas!

On sedition. Some free investment advice.

June 7 – Angel of the Revolution

On discouragement. On a girl with a camera who saves the day.

June 8 – The End of the Beginning

The assembly decides on lifting the acampada on June 12 with a great happening.

June 9 – “To Parliament!”

Parliament is besieged by surprise. It turns into a happy celebration.

June 10 – Respect!

A friend of mine comes to visit the acampada from Holland. On libertarianism and anarchism. On reasons for joining the revolution.

June 11 – Acampada Soul

A guided tour of the acampada, the day before it disappears, ‘for the history books’. Original maps included.

June 12 – Darth Vader

The new city council is sworn in. And we don’t let it pass by without making some noise.

June 13 – Brand New Day

On the final day of the acampada, and the day after. On a square that is polished to shine.


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