Gute Nacht, Freunde…

October 16

AcampadaBrussels @ Jubelpark

Dear people,


Yesterday’s demonstration concludes a chapter of the revolution, or maybe just the prologue. On the day after, many of us say goodbye. People go their own way. Some are returning to Spain, some are hanging around. I go up to Holland.


It has been an honour to march with these people, or most of them at least. It will be a pleasure to see them again, wherever, whenever. We are dedicated to the revolution, we are the first wave, we have a bond.


Almost five months ago I arrived in Sol, and I camped. “If this is going to be the defining moment of my generation, then I want to be there”.

Since then I have had the pleasure to witness and to document the acampada, the summer of the popular marches and the big demonstrations, the destruction of Sol. Finally the March on Brussels, the occupation of the university and World Revolution Day.

It has been an extraordinary experience. And now it’s time for me, and for many of us, to take a rest.


The first winter of the movement is at hand. Revolutionary HQ has been cleared and sealed by the police. The experiment of the free space has been too short to properly evaluate. In this week we were severely handicapped due to sanitary problems and lack of internet. The society might have seemed to be on the edge of collapse, but it could just as easily have selfregulated itself. I’m actually pretty optimistic about that. I’m convinced that we can fruitfully occupy covered spaces as a movement.

I also think these actions should have a clear goal, as opposed to the wild occupation of Revolutionary HQ. Spaces for living. Spaces for meeting. Spaces for study. Spaces for art. There are spaces enough. And together we can make them useful. All it takes is a little fantasy.

People are occupying squares in all the world. Also in Holland occupations are going on, in front of the Stock Exchange in Amsterdam and on the Malieveld in The Hague. We really did come a long way in the last five months. Even my brother, a notorious capitalist, wasn’t ashamed to walk along with the demonstration in Brussels. He doesn’t believe that something like a revolution is really possible. But he believes in evolution, in change for the better.


Now that it has started I plan to keep coveering it, but I do not know yet where and when. In the next few weeks I want to try to put my experiences, and the current expansion of the movement into perspective. Then I’ll see.


It concludes my chronicles of the march and the initial months of the 15M movement. I thank you, first of all my revolutionary brothers and sisters with whom I have had the pleasure to share this. And of course I thank you, my beloved readers. If it weren’t for all the heartwarming and inspiring comments I received I might never have been able to keep it up until the end. I thank you too for the sporadic negative reactions, because I’m convinced that if something doesn’t meet with opposition it can have little meaning. It’s the same reason why I don’t support the consensus model. If an idea is shared by absolutely everyone, it can hardly be a good idea.


I leave you with the image of our outsourced Media Center. People behind computers twenty-four hours a day. Empty bags of crisps on the table. A comrade of mine who wants to remain Anonymous, tells me how it all starts. The march, the occupations, the acampadas, the demonstrations, the whole damn thing. It starts right here.

“You know that the idea for a March on Brussels, has been circulating since February. We did that. We simply started bombing the social networks with messages about a march on Brussels. After that, people began to talk about it, it went around on Facebook, and in the end, a group of people started walking. I was overjoyed the day that the Mediterranean came by right beneath my window.”

I imagine things like Occupy Wall Street being organised in the same way. A couple of nerds behind a computerscreen on a sunday morning, eating donuts. “What shall we do today?”

“Global revolution?”

“Heck, why not? #globalrevolution it is.”





15 Comments on “Gute Nacht, Freunde…”

  1. onagrino says:

    Eh bien, Oscar, je te souhaite un bon retour, et j’espère que ce chapitre n’est pas clos, qu’on se recroisera un jour. Merci pour tous tes mots, toutes tes informations.
    Je suis très en retard pour traduire tes derniers billets, mais je le ferai. Ton témoignage était précieux.

  2. aria says:

    Dear Oscar,
    Thank you for your covering of the events, you deserve a rest after all these months! I hope to hear from you soon. I´ll miss your humourous writing. Best wishes!!

  3. michele says:

    thanks a lot for taking us with you on your trips, it was a lot of fun. refreshing, inspiring, sometimes sad. I hope I’ll see you on the road, caminante

  4. morosopher says:

    Thanks for providing an invaluable insider view of the movement these past months for us in the periphery. Reading this blog has truly been a revelatory experience. I hope we’ll get to enjoy more of your insights in some form or another in the future as well. Perhaps you should one day sit down and write a book about all these things that have happened!

  5. here too… thanks for the updates… And despite all hard work and actions… where not there yet! But we will get there! Keep up the good work and see you at the finish!!

  6. Thanks for so many colourful chronicles! They brought a little of the marches’s spirit home to those of us who couldn’t march with you all the way to Brussels!

  7. abel says:

    hola! con todos los escritos podremos hacer un pequeño gran libro. En Madrid hemoos ocupado un hotel abandonado, probablemente para relojar a familias desahuciadas.

  8. Daniel says:

    ¡Muchísimas gracias, Holandés Errante!

    Tu diario incluye información muy útil que nos servirá como experiencia para el futuro del movimiento.

    Enhorabuena por resistir caminando y por mantener la cordura para no sólo documentar sino también proponer y llevar a cabo acciones.

    ¡Saludos desde Madrid!

  9. A very honest and wonderfully written account of your revolutionary adventures. You have obviously learned a great deal along the way. Perhaps you should try to get over to New York, even if only to explain why the consensus model can’t work. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

  10. Ben says:

    Thanks a lot for your writings, your views, your some time distant and obervative point of view and sometimes more focused approach on other points, clearly a unique view on this all, and of the most original sources of articles about this all adventures ! i kinda admire you for this “on the road diaries”, having a computer has a gun, and your mind has a tool to observe and report to us all..

    in a complete other matter, does anyone is motivated to get this blog translated ? well translated ? into has many languages has possible ?

  11. Haïssa says:

    Gracias Oscar.
    Creo que te puedes sentir satifecho del trabajo que has hecho por la marcha, por el movimiento.
    Ha sido un placer formar parte de la aventura y compartirla con gente como tú.
    Seguiremos caminando, cada uno por su lado, y algún día, estoy convencida, volveremos a reunirnos.
    Un abrazo lleno de fuerza y optimismo!

  12. Azoée says:

    Merci Oscar pour tes chroniques, qui parfois ont dérangé certains, mais toujours très informatives. Merci aussi pour avoir pris un peu de temps pour nous répondre, et merci pour la photo du petit-dèj, ça fera un souvenir.

    Je découvre juste à l’instant que tu t’appelles Oscar : tu n’es pas Skar de la Marcha Disney, quand même ?

  13. Thank you so much. I’ve really enjoyed your chronicles. They made me wish to be walking.

    I´ll miss you in the way to Athens.

    All the best.

  14. Thanks Oscar for being the chronist, your insights have given a human aspect to this revolution. A revolution who doubts, a revolution who’s sick of the revolution sometimes and finally proud and contundent.

    I’m more than glad to have met you, and I just suggest you to think twice on coming to Malaga next time, you ended up in Brussels this time, but who knows next time??

    This is just the first manmade house we stumble with during our long rally in the desert. We have now to go to the heart of the citadel.

    Hugs, man.

    Best luck and success!


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