Great Day’s Eve

October 14
Agora Brussels Day 6

Dear people,

When you roam through Revolutionary HQ at night you will find everybody doing his or her thing. Down in the cafetaria, once the assembly is finished there is food and spontaneous jamsessions in a thick cloud of smoke.

On the first floor, in the library, you might be caught in a crossfire of fluffy dice as people are battling one and other from behind the bookcases. Often this type of guerilla spreads through the entire building late at night.

Improvised concert in the hall

In the entrance hall you might stumble on an assembly of the Game commission, in the act of inventing new ways of having fun.

In the garden you will find a tipi put up by the hippies, and maybe even an army of clowns exercising silly performances.

This is our free space. People entering here can liberate themselves from the straight jacket of society, and be who they want to be.

Yesterday the German march arrived, and today the bikers from Holland came peddling in. They were received with a joyful happening animated by the clowns. Nothing political, just a human embrace.

The Germans only did a week of marching, and still I heard one of them complaining that his feet hurt. ‘Woosy’, I couldn’t help but thinking, ‘we, the Spanish indignados, we do a week of marching before breakfast!’

Arrival of the Dutch

The Dutch were not that many, and most of them weren’t even Dutch. But the important thing is that they are here. They bring encouraging news about many people assembling in Amsterdam for tomorrow’s demonstration.

The good news today was that the officer who ruthlessly kicked Marianne in the face, twice, and banged her head against the floor when she was handcuffed, has been arrested thanks to our people filming the aggression. We are urban guerillas. And our camera’s are our weapons.

In the afternoon a pleasant autumn sun came out and I went to see a piece of theatrical action. It was about the ‘one percent’ being put on trial, and the common people being called to the witness stand. It was performed next to the palace of justice, with a panoramic view over Brussels. We enjoyed it, as did our public, which consisted mainly of two police officers who were visibly amused.


When the actors went into town to repeat their performance, I took a walk through the European Quarter of Brussels. I had never been there before, and it was time I got to explore the terrain. This is where tomorrow’s march will end, this is the place where the big wigs decide on continental policy.

They don’t represent us. People know that, but only when the crisis of the system will start to affect them personally will they start to care. We are the vanguard of change. Tomorrow will not just be a day of protest in Brussels. It will be all over the planet. There are hundreds of occupations going on at this moment, and thousands more are being planned. The revolution has begun, people. Come join it, you will have the time of your life.


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