Ste. Geneviève, September 26

Day 63 of the March on Brussels. From L’Isle Adam, 26 km.

View from my tent this morning

Dear people,

It’s good to be walking. I missed the rhythm of footsteps on the stones. And it’s good that we are many. Fresh revolutionary enthusiasm is what we need.

Even if we are stronger than before, we need to adapt to a new situation. And so yesterday we made an effort of internal reform. The commissions were redefined and their members newly appointed themselves.

The Route commission didn’t need any reorganisation. It works like never before, thanks to comrade Abel, who joined us last week from Spain. He is our new knight, replacing our Venezuelan comrade Canario who remained in Paris for the time being.

Comrade Abel preparing the route

Abel knows how to read a map and to take the most interesting roads. He goes ahead on his bike and he attaches signs at every intersection right up to the final square, with countdown in kilometers. He impeccably guided the group through the suburbs of Paris. It’s one less thing to worry about.

Communication is another story. I received a message from an aquaintance at the Communication commission in Sol saying that it is impossible to contact us. Both Madrid and Barcelona urge us to construct reliable channels for the exchange of information, or else it will be impossible for them to support us in any way.

The people which have formed the Communication commission ever the since the march began and of whom no-one really knows what they are doing are being ignored. A new commission is being created, and it can only be better than before. Comrade Getafe is active in its formation. He is one of our stronger pieces, an asiduous walker with enough patience to attend every assembly.

Crossing the Oise river

The logistical part of our march is an even more impellent problem at the moment. We are more than before, but we are doing less difusion and we count on less popular support. This means that rations are down. Breakfast is reduced from the luscious banquets we enjoyed in Spain to a single piece of bread. Fortunately, there is always coffee.

A very important addition to our food supply comes from the newly created Recycling commission. They recuperate yesterday’s bread at the countless boulangeries. Many of these graciously donate. Sometimes they add some fresh pastries as well.

The French Communications van

Today we did a sunny walk from the woodland hills north of Paris back into the plains. I noticed that people are very much focussed on Brussels and the big cities. They seem to regard the villages on the route only as a place to rest and sleep. I also noticed that there are signs of fever going around. The nights are longer than the days by now, the temperatures plumet when it gets dark and popular interest for our assemblies is reduced.

This is the North, the land where the people who have remained to inhabit these villages, return home at six, and close the curtains.

At Ste. Geneviève


French translation by Dominique Couturier



3 Comments on “Reform”

  1. Mabel says:

    Dear Person,
    Magníficas crónicas desde hace ocho días, que me han deleitado esta tarde-noche. These chronicles are the stuff of Real Humanity. Not to mention the videos on Power ! Gracias por hacer super humanas las personas que marchan. And for those great photos, bringing such a lovely sense of People and Place to this conquest of Roads with Reason. Thankyou. Did these European roads ever imagine they would have this reason for being ?

  2. Dominique C says:

    Je suis heureuse du sourire de “Abdullah”…

  3. onagrino says:

    Huereuse du sourire de “Abdullah”

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