Footage from Paris

Place de la Bastille 17 September. This is footage from the police lifting a peaceful sit-in of the united marches on Brussels by force.




Comrade Oswaldo playing a guitar solo in front of police at the Bastille.


Two o’ clock in the morning. After a strategic retreat, the indignados are surrounded by police in hooligan gear at the central square of Champigny. They don’t like to be filmed.



3 Comments on “Footage from Paris”

  1. Dominique C says:

    Je ne peux pas lire les videos.
    I cannot see the videos. What is the format?

    Best greetings to all the people I met in Charente, especially to “Abdullah”

    You can read that:
    and the comments:

  2. Dominique C says:

    As-tu des photos?
    Have you got photos?

  3. Dominique C says:

    Vous êtes très courageux. Merci de tout ça.

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