Blois, September 10

Day 47 of the March on Brussels. From Monteaux, 28 km

Dear people,

Today we held war council. I wasn’t there, because I knew it was going to take all day, and I can’t stand long assemblies.

Right now it’s midnight, most people have only just arrived. They departed from Monteaux at five o’ clock. I had little time to reconstruct things on the basis of their testimonies, and I have little time to write, but this is more or less what happened.

War council in Blois

The Pretorians have gone. It was the end of a long conflict that had already led to the tragic events of Lizant. One thing I noticed, above all, was relief. People have been marching together and singing all the way.

We are left almost without transport and without funds. We depend heavily on support from people who help us move the kitchen and the bags day by day. Up until now, we have been lucky to encounter these people.

As for the treasury, the Pretorians took it with them. It cannot be excused, but I have been trying to explain it. In general, when money is involved, people become wolves. We try to be different, we want a society based on human instead of economic values, but when anger, resentment and distrust are on the rise, people are no longer ashamed to show their weakness.

The Cuban never forgave the group for what happened in Lizant. His tent was plundered and destroyed. He lost a golden chain in the process. The next morning he rightly demanded that it were returned to him. That didn’t happen. I imagine this is his justification for marching off with the other Pretorians and the treasury, but I was surprised to hear that he didn’t defend himself in the internal assembly this morning. Especially because he is a lawyer.

They left for Paris. They pretend to rejoin us there, but the internal assembly will not accept it. In the afternoon the assembly has decided to excommunicate them. A comunicado will be published which states that they do not represent the 15M. The Spanish Inquisition has spoken.

In total, we left a dozen casualties on the battlefield. The French have gone as well, but they will return, thank heaven. We will need them. Our Communications team has also left and gone to Paris. I don’t know what they are going to do there, just like I never understood what they were doing on the march. Our ‘official’ communication has been practically non existent, both towards the outside world, and from the outside world towards the group.

Today’s march was good. We walked the last bit across the forest, navigating on the sunlight filtering through the trees. It was a most welcome change of environment. When we came out of the woods we walked into the rich old town of Blois, strategically situated on the cliffs along the Loire.

Things have changed a lot over the last few weeks. The quality and the quantity of the food being processed in the field kitchen has been declining. The hippies have long gone and also many of the marchers gave forfeit. I think it has to do with comfort. Because of all the comfort offered by western society, people don’t know how to suffer anymore, or how to make sacrifices, to improvise, to be truly generous. We don’t either, because in the end, this march is peanuts compared to what humans have achieved in the past.

I’m sad when I sit down to reflect on things in our camp in Blois. Only when the remaining core of marchers arrive late in the evening the positive spirit returns. For better or worse, a problem has been solved. We aren’t saints – except for Jesus Christ maybe – but we have a strong spirit. We are determined to go on, we can solve greater problems than the ones we have had to overcome, and we will grow stronger.

Clocktower of the cathedral in Blois


Night view of Blois from over the river


One Comment on “Secession”

  1. aria says:

    Dear Oscar,
    Thank you for your writings! They are one better than the the other, in spite of difficulties, suffering, no access to internet, … You are a very gifted writer, a pleasure to read!
    Best wishes to all you brave marchers, keep up your spirits!!
    Greetings from Greece

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