Caesar’s Legionnaires

Lévignacq, August 21.

Day 27 of the March on Brussels. From Dax, 36 km.

Dear people,

Yesterday evening the bad news went around very quickly. The big van had broken down. The support cars that remained would be needed to transport the kitchen. This meant that everyone would have to bring his or her own backpack for today’s leg of 36 kilometres.

Many people surrendered on forehand. They had a party and slept late as if they were on holiday. They would come by bus or other means. Some people woke up at five and started the march in the dark. They got lost. I myself refused to let the circumstances influence custom, but still I departed pretty late, at nine o’ clock, together with Jesus Christ.

Jesus has a suitcase on wheels. So that meant no paths through the woods today. It wouldn’t be recommendable anyway to prolong the distance even more. Before we exit the town, he finds a shopping cart, loads all his stuff on it, and starts to push. All day long some lucky people have been treated to the sight of Jesus Christ pushing a shopping cart through the French countryside.

Jesus in the countryside

Walking thirty-six kilometres with full gear under the blazing sun is not easy. More than a physical exercise it’s a mental exercise. I don’t complain. Instead I think about the legionnaires of Julius Caesar. On a forced march they would cover more distance than us, with more weight on their shoulders, on much more difficult roads. And at the end they would have to build up a small city, with fortifications included, or fight. The thought makes the walk a bit easier.

We have entered the region of Les Landes. It’s a big plain planted with trees. If I remember well what a friend of mine once explained to me, this is where Napoleon got the wood for his fleet. For sustainability’s sake, the emperor planted new trees after that. Ever since these forests have been used for the production of paper.

As anyone interested in the subject will know, trees are a very primitive way to make paper. Hemp is much better. It grows many times faster and it gives much higher quality paper. It lasts ages. The U.S. Declaration of Independence is written on hemp paper. If it were written on tree paper it would have desintegrated a long time ago.

Legalisation of hemp would not only give us better quality paper, better quality clothes and lots of other things. It would decrease expenditure on a crazy war on drugs and increase income tax at the same time. California (and not Holland) will be at the forefront of this battle. When Aldous Huxley visited California in the 30s he had the idea that the region was twenty years ahead of the rest of the world. Hopefully, the world has caught up in the meantime. Full and unconditional legalisation of hemp is not only an objective of the revolution. It’s a question of pure common sense.

Jesus arrives in Lévignacq

We arrive at five o’ clock in the enchanting little village of Lévignacq. The others arrive two hours later. They made it. We made it. We sit down on the terrace of the only bar in the village, in front of the church, to hold our assembly. The few people from the village are present and they receive us with open arms. It’s lovely to be in these god forgotten places. The family atmosphere make them feel like home.

Assembly in Lévignac


One Comment on “Caesar’s Legionnaires”

  1. Hi friends,

    Not longer having a car to transport luggage is bad news. If I myself had a car I would be under way. I will put a call on the international page.

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