Secular protest in Madrid

Dear people,

Our comrade Jim reports the following on wednesday’s protest against the papal visit in Madrid:

“A quick overview of the very good manifestación last night:

Started in Tirso at 7:30. I was riding the metro from Iglesia and the metro was literally packed like sardines with JMJ kids but as we passed through Sol it became apparent that they weren’t the only ones on that train because “no soy, que calor, que calor, que calor” broke out, and at the Tirso station, “esta papa no la pagamos!” It took us 2 hours to reach sol, where the manifestación basically turned into a big fiesta, very cheerful but eventually we started moving back to Tirso. Moments later, the national police swept in and cordoned off the calles into Sol, and cleared the plaza (although they were letting people in small groups or JMJ merchandise through.) We stayed there for a while but this was the planned time for the manifestación to end so gradually everyone trickled away. Desite rumours of a gathering in Atocha there were only a few people there and the night ended with a small asamblea in Tirso which decided to hold an asamblea at noon today to decide what to do about the pope’s arrival; I don’t know what they decided but I’m headed down there now to see what’s going on.

More photos and videos to follow…”


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