Change unLtd.

15M on the march. Southeastern column, Málaga.


The revolution happens on two different levels. One is local, and the other one is global. There is nothing in between these two. No nations, no states, no races, no religions. We are one huge web of local comunities, and together we form humanity.

Change. That’s what’s happening right now. And it isn’t happening because some politician who coined the phrase got voted into office. It’s happening because people start to become aware that you don’t have to vote for anybody to make a change. You can bring it about yourself.

Some people are very scared of what’s going on. They don’t even dare to talk about it, afraid as they are to awaken the beast. They are prepared to go a long way to prevent this change from happening. They are very powerful. But they are not as powerful as we are. We will defeat them with the finest weapons we have at our disposal. Massive peaceful resistance, and information.

The change has only just begun. Many things are still in a development phase. People are very much capable of governing themselves, but they are just not used to it. It’ll be a long process and a wonderful experience. And to make it happen, globally, we need to encourage the exchange of information.

Yesterday, Carlos the black rapper from Respect came back to Puerta del Sol. He had been in the States for a couple of weeks. He spoke about the demonstrations of June 19. That wasn’t just in Madrid and all over Spain. It was all over the world. A couple of thousand people took to the streets in Atlanta as well. These are unconfirmed reports. Police reacted violently. There have been arrests and lots of injuries, some of them said to be heavy. There have been unconfirmed reports of demonstrations in New Jersey as well.

There’s a lot more going on than we know about. We would need an international news site. A place where you can find information on the global civic movement for real democracy from all continents and all countries, in English and native languages. Much of this information is already available on the national and local websites of the movement and on alternative news sites. It has to be brought together. With fotos, videos, background information and links.

It’s the kind of site you’d surf to when you come back from your weekly neighbourhood assembly, to know what’s happening and what the people have decided upon on the other squares around the world.

We’re working on this. Anyone who wants to join in is welcome to do so. It’s the internet, and not a piece of paper like a constitution, that has offered us full freedom of information. We will need to make maximum use of it. They might try to stop us, but they won’t succeed. The internet is at the very root of this revolution.



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