Police infiltration covered up by YouTube


It’s much worse than I thought. Yesterday’s front pages in Spain all brought the news that protesters in Barcelona got violent. They didn’t tell us the whole story. As a matter of fact, they forgot to mention that police forces started the violence, as documented by amateur footage. They even used rubber bullets to disperse the crowd. No media outlet said a thing about this.

Look at

But that’s not all of it. The aggression supposedly perpetrated by a small fringe of people from the 15-M movement was most likely the work of police infiltrators.

Look at

Where a group of masked demonstrators get escorted away by the police.

Other footage documenting this got uploaded to YouTube and censored. The man who posted the videos received an email that his video was censured ‘for privacy reasons’.

Look at
It’s in Spanish, googletranlate and send it on.

The video that was taken down is this one

It got 250.000 hits on the first day. We will recover it.

Also, TeleMadrid tried to delegitimise the movement yesterday by showing images from Greek riots saying they were shot in Barcelona.

Look at

There’s more. Images from Valencia show police brutality and supposed infiltration from the bald man in red trying to fire up the crowd.


People, the empire is striking back, the battle has begun. We can expect violence to happen next sunday during the demonstrations in all Spanish cities. It won’t be us. There will be infiltrators and provocateurs ready to make a mess.

Do not believe what media outlets say without double checking. We will cover it all. We have people filming everywhere. We will expose the truth. They will not pass.

With many thanks to the comrades from Audiovisuals,




A quick translation of


A few hours ago I went to my youtube channel video of riot police infiltrators among the protesters and posted it on my blog. I think it’s a video that serves an important political claim: I think it’s fundamentally illegitimate, even in in the unlikely case that they were not there to generate violent incidents, that police have infiltrated among citizens exercising their right to demonstrate. It’s not enough to say that some of them committed illegalities, for in any case they were committed after the infiltration. And those who have gone to demonstrations all their life know it is not unusual and doesn’t happen only in the most complicated ones. It is legitimate for police to infiltrate criminal organizations, but not in peaceful public demonstrations like that. Just as it is illegitimate to tap my phone or to break into my computer just because I could use them to commit crimes.

It can neither be called an intimate or private affair. These cops were attacking citizens (active or passive), most of which were peacefully exercising their right to demonstrate, thinking they were among citizens, and not surrounded by spys (again: Spy in the best and most amazing of all cases) . I fully understand that there is police present, as long as they are in uniform and can be identified to prevent abuse, given the fact that they are armed.

A while ago I received a mail in which YouTube ordered me to remove or modify the video because it was a violation of privacy. If any of the people affected which are not police feel their privacy is violated (for example, a worker who appears in the video and does not wish to be recognised by his or her boss), you can send me an email at correo@martinezabarca.es: I will pixel your face or put a black strip. But if someone pretends that I censure myself, I do not find any reason to do so. And I hope YouTube does not make use of their privacy policy in bad faith simply to censor.

If YouTube removed the video from my channel, you know what to do whenever you are not excited about the content of a video. And you already know it’s OK to complain about censorship in China, while youtube / google is collaborating with authorities here as well. I hope this is not true.

I copy below the mail received and my response, as well as the comment I left on my blog. With that I believe I fully guarantee the privacy of those who say their privacy is violated.:

Hello, Quienmuchoabarca: Please note that we have received a privacy complaint from another user based on the following contents:

The information alleged to infringe the privacy appears in 1_31.
——————— We give you the opportunity to eliminate or modify the private information included in the contents of which we have been informed. You have 48 hours to take the necessary measures relating to claim. If you
delete the allegedly infringing content from the site within 48 hours, we will file the complaint. If the potential violation of privacy remains in place within 48 hours, the team of
YouTube will review the complaint and may withdraw the content according to the instructions on claims of privacy (http://www.youtube.com/t/privacy_guidelines). If the allegedly infringing material is located on the video itself, you may need to remove it completely. If you see a user’s full name or other personal information in the title in the description or the tags of your video, you can modify this data by accessing My Videos and click on the Edit button in the video that has been reported . Converting it into a private video is not a valid solution, since the state of the video can be changed from private to public at any time. Annotations can be deactivated at any time, so they are not considered an acceptable solution. We are committed to protecting our users and we hope you understand the importance of respecting the privacy of others. When you upload videos in the future, remember that you can not post the picture or the personal information of another person without their consent. Personal information includes, among other things, Social Security number, the DNI, bank account number or contact information (such as a postal or email). For more information, please see Instructions on claims of privacy (http://www.youtube.com/t/privacy_guidelines). Regards,
The YouTube Team

Lords of Youtube:
As you can verify for yourselves the video does not show anybody’s private information you refer to. The video shows people that were present at a public event. Therefore the complaint is not due to privacy issues but rather an attempt at censorship. I find no reason to oblige by it, and I hope you do not contribute to political powers being able to decide what we can and cannot diffuse on the basis of a mere denunciation.
In the comments on my blog I posted an email address in case the person in question wants to explain to me which privacy violation has gone unnoticed, so that I can pixelate his face.
Hugo Martinez covers

Comments on the video on Youtube:
Whoever has denounced this video for your privacy reasons, you can explain it by mail to correo@martinezabarca.es

At first glance, the video only appears to show the denunciation of unlawful behavior by those who infiltrate a demonstration to police citizens who are presumed criminals. That’s the in the best of cases.

But I’m willing to believe that there’s people in the video, who do not want their bosses to know that they are going to demonstrations.

In that case, please contact me, tell me which person it is in the image and I will make that face unrecognisable. But let me explain this: if you are one of the infilitrators, then the video is there to report your unlawful behavior, which is not private, nor very respective of the privacy of free citizenship.

Just one question. Have the riot police never heard of Barbara Streisand?

One Comment on “Police infiltration covered up by YouTube”

  1. fuspey says:

    Are police agent provocatuers being used to stoke the flames at Spanish protests?

    article on indymedia here: J15-Catalan police used agent provocateurs in attempt to destroy M15 peaceful revolutionary movement http://www.indymedia.ie/article/100013

    last night, Guardian Journalist Paul Lewis has tweeted the following:

    Are police agent provocatuers being used to stoke the flames at Spanish protests? bit.ly/jEuriX

    TWEET found at http://tinyurl.com/6f4splr

    What is important here is that Paul Lewis has been the main person, along with Rob Evans, who has been covering, and indeed uncovering much of the dirty, seedy, illegal goings in the british police services. In recent months there have been shocking revelations of a series of embedded undercover police in the UK and Euro environmental activist world, most notably the agent Mark Kennedy, or Mark Stone, or “Flash”. Hopefully the Guardian and Paul Lewis will also investigate the murky goings on in Spain at the moment, and with that the wider world willl see what a devious ploy has been used in these last 2 days in Catalunya to discredit the PEACEFUL M-15 movement of the INDIGNADOS.

    Mark Kennedy – section on Guardian

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